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Monthly Archive: August 2015


Spirit-filled Singing that Glorifies God

Ephesians 5:18–20

When you join others for corporate worship, do you sing with such passion and joy and exuberance that God is seen to all together beautiful and praiseworthy? My hope for Nelspruit Bible Church is that we evidence God’s worth every time we meet for corporate worship – that our singing would demonstrate to visitors and to one another that God satisfies us, delights us, and is worthy of ALL praise and glory and worship. Such singing demonstrates that we are filled with the Spirit — anything else grieves the Holy Spirit and dishonors God.

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Crucified with Christ

Romans 6:1–14

What is a real Christian? In this passage the apostle Paul gives us three characteristics of a true believer. It is not just a person who attends church, or is generous, or seeks to live like Christ and love their neighbor — but a true believer is someone who has died! Such a person is united to Christ, and is thus alive to God and living for God. This person, by God’s sovereign and active grace, has not only been given life and brought out of the tomb, but they are also delivered from the old clothes that characterized them whilst in the tomb.

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Be Filled with the Spirit!

Ephesians 5:18

This is an urgent imperative, a command, for all believers. Yet it is possible to have such an aversion to the false teaching on what it means to be filled with the Spirit, that we play down or even ignore this command. This is not a command to seek a one-off experience of the Holy Spirit — all believers are already indwelt by the Spirit of God — nor is this a call for us to have more of the Spirit of God. Rather this is a command that we let Him have more of us! This sermon looks at the necessity of being filled with the Spirit, the meaning of being filled with the Spirit, and the means by which we are filled with the Spirit.

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