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Monthly Archive: January 2016


Refuge for Rebels

Psalm 2

The world is in rebellion against Almighty God, and against His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Such rebellion is foolish, because God is infinitely stronger than all His creatures. And such rebellion is groundless, because living under God’s perfect rule is good, delightful, right and satisfying – it is what we were made to do. Psalm 2 calls for all people to cease their rebellion, to honour the Son of God, and to find blessed refuge in Him before it is too late!

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Two Ways to Live

Psalm 1

Psalm 1 paints a picture of two ways to live, and shows us the stark contrast between them. It calls us to think about which path we are on and speaks of how such a decision affects us not only for this life but for eternity.

This first of the psalms directs readers to chose the right path, the path of God’s blessedness, by trusting His delightful Word. It also warns of the sure and eternal ruin that awaits those who reject God’s Word.

The end of the path for the blessed person is not a thing, a destination, but a person — God Himself. The narrow path which the blessed man walks leads to life, which is knowing and enjoying God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, forever.

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Praying in the Spirit for Strength

Ephesians 6:18–20

God wants us to know our weakness apart from Him, so that we will be dependent upon Him, thus giving Him all the glory when we achieve anything – including standing against the schemes of the evil one.

The Holy Spirit enables us to pray by showing us our desperate need, by giving us access to our Father in Heaven, through Christ, and by showing us through the Scriptures how we should pray. So how foolish and how proud we are if we neglect what we so desperately need — the privilege and the joy of communion with God in prayer!

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