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Monthly Archive: February 2016


The Sufferings of Christ and the subsequent glories

Psalm 22

What is contained in this psalm transcends anything that could be attributed to the suffering and subsequent triumph of a mortal Israelite king. This psalm is Messianic. It speaks about Jesus Christ — His grievous death on the cross and His subsequent glory. It is the best description of the crucifixion in all the Bible, yet the details are not given to produce pity. This psalm should promote confidence in God’s prophetic Word, confidence in a righteous and victorious Saviour, and confidence to proclaim glorious good news to all the world.

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Psalm 16

‘…in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures for evermore.’

David has tasted that the LORD is good; he has experienced God’s grace and he delights in His beautiful God — The LORD is his security, his hope, and his great joy! David is satisfied in God. Yet, ultimately, all David’s hope is based on the Holy One who has defeated sin and death, and who is seated at the Father’s right hand side, even Jesus Christ.Thus this psalm calls you to forsake all idols and to find your contentment in Christ alone.

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