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Monthly Archive: August 2016


Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Mark 2:13–17

This passage is shocking by today’s expectations. The Lord Jesus calls a despised tax-collector, Levi, who then enjoys table fellowship with Him — while the religious leaders, who think too much of themselves, are shut out from the kingdom of God. Thus we see the cost, the condition, and the comfort of following Christ, so that you will treasure Christ and long for His return.

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God’s Complete Control

Daniel 1:1–21

We see in this passage the resolve of Daniel and his companions, as they seek to keep themselves pure for the LORD’s sake. But, the real hero of this account is God Himself — God shows that He is in charge and working out His purposes — Daniel lives to please his gracious God, and trusts his God for what will happen, in light of His sovereignty in all circumstances.

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A Study of the End of Days

The Book of Revelation is the last book of the Bible, and a culmination of all that has gone before it. In it we are told that we will be blessed if we read it and put it into practice (Rev 1:3; 22:7). It is a book which supremely displays the glory of Christ, showing us the things that must soon take place according to the purposes of God in human history — yet it is an oft neglected book. Pastor Greg Peterson spends a few hours teaching through this book: he gives reasons why we should cherish this book, he gives us guidelines on how to interpret this book, and then he takes us on a rapid tour of the book from beginning to end. If you have struggled to read this precious book, which is given to bring hope and endurance to the church, to show us that the Lamb triumphs, then you would do well to listen…

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Session #1 – “Seeing the Blueprints”  MP3 Link


Session #2 – “Laying the Foundation”  MP3 Link


Session #3 – “Building, Part 1”  MP3 Link


Session #4 – “Building, Part 2”  MP3 Link


A Living Hope

1 Peter 1:13

All of us experience trials of various kinds, trials which can rob us of our joy and bring despair. Christians have been born again to a living hope, but when facing trails we can set out hope on circumstances changing or other temporary things of this world. God’s Word urges believers to set their hope fully on the grace that will be brought to us at the revelation of Jesus Christ. Such a certain hope brings a genuine joy, and endurance, in all trials.

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