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Monthly Archive: September 2016


Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

Mark 3:20-35

In this narrative we have different responses to the works and words of Jesus Christ. Some think He is demented, others think He is demonic. Jesus teaches that only those who trust the testimony of the Holy Spirit — believing in Christ as God and Saviour — are right! And it is these people, and them alone, who do the will of the Father and show themselves to be in the family of God.

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A Failed Attempt to Trap Jesus

Mark 12:28-34

A scribe seeks to trap Jesus by asking Him about the Law. The Lord Jesus answers wisely and avoids the trap, but He also exposes that for all the man’s knowledge of the law he is still not in the Kingdom of God.

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Below: Listen to visiting pastor, Matt Viljoen, being interviewed before his sermon.


A Worshiping Disciple or One of the Crowd?

Mark 3:7–19

Here we have a snapshot of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee. Noteworthy is the fact that Mark speaks of two distinct groups — the crowd and the disciples of Jesus. One simply wants to satisfy their curiosity and physical needs, while the other wants to learn from Jesus. The former does not recognise Jesus as the eternal Son of God, the latter are those who are summoned by Jesus Christ to worship God and to make more disciples, for the glory of God.

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