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Monthly Archive: October 2016


True Saving Faith

Mark 5:21-34

There are many false ideas in the church about the nature of true saving faith. Disney teaches that we are to ‘believe in what your heart is saying.’ True saving faith is in God, not in ourselves,

In this passage we have a despairing women who comes to Christ, in faith, and thereby experiences His pity and His power. We will walk through her encounter with Him, and then look at six truths about faith so that you might rightly trust in Christ.

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The Greatness of Christ

Mark 4:35-41

This is a familiar account of Jesus calming the storm on Lake Galilee. The passage speaks of a great storm, a great calm, and a great fear. But make no mistake — this portion of God’s Word tells us most plainly about a Great Saviour, that you might trust Him and worship Him. Such a Saviour demands your trust, not only for salvation, but until your dying day.

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