The Coronation of the Servant King

Mark 1:9-11

This passage details the beginning of the public ministry of Jesus Christ. In the baptism of Jesus we see the supreme honor given to Him, and at the same time His supreme example of humility. The passage contains three incidents in the coronation of Christ that should lead us to worship Him with great thanksgiving, and to follow Him with humble confidence.

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God’s Transforming Grace

Titus 2:11–14

Titus is told to declare to believers the grace of God – past, present and future – in order to promote genuine and distinctive Christian living. God’s grace, in the Lord Jesus Christ, saves, sanctifies, and glorifies His people. Thus God’s grace gives us the reason and the means for living godly lives whilst waiting for the return of our great Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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Worship the King, Whilst Witnessing and Waiting

Psalm 96

Psalm 96 is a call to worship the LORD – because He is great and greatly to be praise. It calls all God’s people to worship Him in enthusiastic song, to the praise of His glory, with reverence and fear, and with joy and confident trust as we eagerly wait His return.

But the psalm also exhorts God’s people to continually call unbelievers, all people in every land, to join us in worshiping our great God  because He is, in His very essence, beautiful and glorious and praiseworthy.

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God’s Dwelling Place

Psalm 84

This psalm is unusual — it expresses not one, or two, but three blessed conditions for the believer in which they can make their joy complete. The psalmist, an Old Testament saint, speaks highly of the temple in Jerusalem as the place to meet with the living God — and the rich blessedness that comes from being there. But for new covenant believers things are different, and better, and more blessed…

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