Love for Christ

John 21:15–19.

How is your love for Christ? If you are honest then it waxes and wanes according to your moods. Think of the love you had for your Saviour when you were saved. How is that love for Christ now? It is all too easy to love the world and the things of the world – to have a growing affection for our possessions or our achievements, our family, or even our ministry, and to grow out of love for Jesus – the One who is all-together lovely.

In looking at this passage we see three aspects of love for Christ which, I hope, will make us examine our love for Christ, will make us want to love Christ more, and will give us the means by which we can pursue love for Christ.

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Essential Christian Disciplines: Church Attendance

Hebrews 10:24–25

Why do we ‘go to church’ on a Sunday? Why do you go? Joel James helpfully unpacks these verses to show both the importance, and the reason, for regular church attendance — and it might not be the reason that first comes to your mind. At the end of the sermon he helpfully gives some practical pointers towards making more of our meetings on the Lord’s Day.

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