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Encouraging Hope from Christ’s Return

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

What happens to the believers who die before the Lord returns? Will they receive a resurrected body? Will they miss out in any way on the rapture of the church, or the gathering together with the Lord, or the collective experience of the saints in the eternal kingdom of God? Here are four truths about the dead in Christ, concerning the second coming of our Lord, meant to encourage those grieving the loss of beloved believers with solid hope.

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Absolute Sovereignty of God

Isaiah 46:8-11

Nobody who reads the Bible can deny the sovereignty of God. But what does it mean for God to be sovereign – and how should this sovereignty of God impact our lives?

Parts of this sermon were influenced/or adapted from John Piper’s sermon entitled, “The Sovereignty of God: ‘I Will Accomplish All My Purpose.'”

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Praying for God’s Kingdom to Come

Matthew 6:10

The Kingdom of God was central to the life and teaching of Christ. So He instructs us to pray “Your kingdom come.” Learn what it means to live and long for God’s “Kingdom of Grace” to advance and His “Kingdom of Glory” to arrive.

Parts of this sermon were influenced/or adapted from Joel Beeke’s sermon entitled, “Praying for God’s Kingdom to Come.”

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Hallowing God’s Name

Matthew 6:9

As we continue our exposition through the Lord’s Prayer, we are taught to pray Hallowed be Your name. What does the name of God refer to? What does it mean for God’s name to be hallowed? How can we hallow God’s name in our lives? Why should we pray this way? And why is this petition first in the Lord’s Prayer?

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Praying to our Heavenly Father

Matthew 6:9

Prayer is perhaps the most vital part of the Christian life. It is essential to worship God, love others, and grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. In the opening address of the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus teaches us how to really approach God in prayer and speak to Him as our Heavenly Father.

Parts of this sermon were influenced/or adapted from Joel Beeke’s sermon entitled, “Addressing God as Father in Prayer” and “Prayer’s Foundation.”

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A Faithful Member of Christ’s Body

Hebrew 10:24-25

Are you being a faithful member of the body of Christ? Examine yourself as the writer to the Hebrews instructs us on what our obligation is to one another as brothers and sisters in the Lord. Then he tells how we can be faithful to fulfill our God-given responsibility and motivates us to do so in light of Christ’s return.

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